• Michelle


    Just an average person with an interest in scepticism.

  • Dena Simmons

    Dena Simmons

    Bronxite, Activist, Educator, Diversity Trainer, TED talker, Researcher on bullying with the goal of making schools & hospitals inclusive & safer. Tweets mine!

  • Ms Elyse MoFo Andery

    Ms Elyse MoFo Andery

    Writer. Tweeter. Drinker. Talker. Ass-kicker. World saver. Mofo. Cancer killer. Poo lady. Skepchick. Charity marathoner. Wannabe decent human being.

  • Jayne DuVall

    Jayne DuVall

    .....ridiculously happy in santa barbara. http://app.strava.com/athletes/642443

  • GPPMedical


    With more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry,we help doctors achieve financial security for themselves, their family and their practice.

  • Ted Quinn

    Ted Quinn

    CEO of ACT.md // @tedactmd

  • Pam Carmines

    Pam Carmines

    Physiologist; Golfer

  • Paleo Diet 4 Two

    Paleo Diet 4 Two

    Exploring the coevolution of humans and microbes and the diet we share(d). Anthropology of microbes. Human Food Project.

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